Leslie David Baker 
Sardar Khan 
Ricardo Boot
Owner of “Nickel Token”.
Junior Developer with a progressive mind. Experienced background in healthcare, food-industry and cryptocurrencies. 
“I’m very passionate when it comes to projects like Nickel, it gives me a variety of opportunities in regards to working with people that have the same mindset. I want to make sure the space is becoming a place where you not only hold crypto, but also feel like you’re making friendly connections while doing so.
Janice Freeman   
Director of Operations.    
Background in Healthcare Operations, Risk Management, Quality Assurance, HR and Payroll, along with healthcare advocacy. Seasoned in vendor relations, outreach, and out of the box problem solving, along with experience on the social media side of crypto prior to joining Nickel Token. I enjoy connecting people and information, and am excited about the opportunities that crypto opens the door to. I feel privileged to have found a home with my Nickel Token family and am looking forward to the future with this project.
Hayk Dilanyan    
Director of Logistics & Special Relations.
With over 15 years of Mastering the Art of prestidigitation & Performance, Hayk has taken that passion and delved into the world of DEFI with Nickel Token by studying the interconnectivity and heart-beating relationships that make the wheel turn. In addition, almost 6 years in the Logistics industry, running 8 different Motor Carriers at once, that experience alone will benefit the inner workings and growing success of Nickel Token. 
“Being given the opportunity of a lifetime, the time I spend with my Nickel Family, I aim to keep all cylinders running, and make sure this beauty is nice and oiled up. A big part of life is about relationships and connections, with which without we would not result too much. I yearn to learn and grow everyday, be a better man, and a positive member of this Token.
Brandon Carr  “The Networker”
Project Manager/Community Manager.
Successful history of creative vision, budget/product analytics, innovation, development, coordination and situational awareness. Esteemed Corporate Executive Chef for 12 years working close with PGA legends and in hospitality for the last 22 years. Extensive experience in event management, pos systems, vendor relations, business acumen, inventory/order  analysis, internal communications, and a keen eye for talent.
“My hope is to bridge the gap of the many niches of crypto under one roof. We can only make crypto mainstream if we do it together!”